Installment Savings

Monthly Savings Plan to Make Lump Sum Money!

Installment Club Savings is an interest bearing account and is recommended especially for those who are on monthly payroll. If you maintain over $0.01 on your account balance, then you can earn advantages of fixed interest rate until the maturity and the daily compounding interest based on a 365-day an year (leap year-366 days). A bonus interest rate is applied if you sign up for an automatic transfer plan from any of your Shinhan Bank America checking or regular saving accounts. This product can help you approach “your goal amount” with minimum contract amount $1,000.

Our Installment Club Savings account benefit includes:

  • Minimum contract amount: $1,000
  • Interest calculation method: Daily compounding
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Interest payment cycle: Year end, At maturity

All you need to enjoy these benefits is a minimum contract amount of $1,000. Please visit one of our branches to open one and start enjoying it today.

Other transaction fees or charges may apply. For more information, please click our
Account Agreements | Fee Schedule