Flex Customized Deposit Plus

Do you want more Interest?

Flex Customized Deposit Plus starts with the same benefit of Flex Customized Deposit account but offers even higher interest rates. You can start enjoying all the benefits with minimum opening deposit of $50,000.

Our Flex Customized Deposit Plus feature includes:

  • Minimum opening deposit: $50,000
  • Interest calculation method: Compounded Quarterly
  • Interest payment cycle: Quarterly
  • Changes to regular Savings interest rate if the balance falls below $25,000
  • Changes to regular Savings if more than 1 withdrawals made per month

All you need to enjoy these benefits is a minimum opening deposit of $50,000. Please visit one of our branches to open one and start enjoying it today.

Other transaction fees or charges may apply. For more information, please click our
Account Agreements | Fee Schedule