Business Line of Credit

Shinhan Bank America has various commercial loans to fit your financial needs. Our lending staff will help you to find the best solution for your business. Please visit your nearest Shinhan Bank America branch or contact us.

Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit, also known as Trade Financing, is for the purpose of financing the purchase of inventory. Our Business Line of Credit has its sub-products, such as Letter of Credit, Clean Advance Loan, Trade Advance Loan, Trust Receipts, Stand-by Letter of Credit and Asset Based Lending for your business needs. This product is ideal for importers and exporters, who deal with international trade, as well as wholesale business or local manufacturers. The maximum term is one year, and it is subject to renewal. With our strong global network and professional advisory staffs with extensive experiences, Shinhan Bank America will be your financial partner to grow your business.

Loan amount, interest rate and terms and conditions will be constructed based on various criteria, such as your business history, projection, experience, credit rating and available collaterals. For your eligibility and required documents for business loan inquiry, please contact email address/phone number or visit the nearest SHBA branch.

Service for Exporters:

1.Advising / Confirming Letters of Credit
2.Initiating and tracking payments
3.Negotiation of exporting documents
4.D/A &D/P Collections
6.Wire Transfers

Service for Importers:

1.Issuance and settlement of letters of credit, back-to-back and revolving Letters of credit offer unique payment terms.
2.Incoming documentary and settlement
3.Bank Release / Shipping Guarantee
4.Assignment of proceeds
5.Wire Transfers