Home Mortgage Loan (Residential)


Purchasing a Home
Refinancing an existing mortgage
Thinking about an Investment Property or a Second Home

We are here to provide you a wide range of loan products with competitive rates.

Residential Type

Single Family House (multifamily housing up to four units), Town House, Condominiums, Co-op, etc.

Covered States

New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Texas and California

Program Overview

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Interest rate remains the same for a specified number of years, then will adjust every year thereafter. Often lower than a fixed rate mortgage. Total monthly principal and interest may change based on interest rate changes. No prepayment penalty.

Affordable Housing Program

The Bank also provides an affordable home mortgage program for modest-income borrowers. Please ask our Mortgage Loan Originator for details.

Mortgage Loan Originator / NMLS Identifier List

If you have a plan to buy your home or refinance your existing mortgage, our home mortgage loan originator will help you to find the best home financing options.

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